Monday, January 26, 2009

More Judiciary Circus and prisoner humiliation

Justice Minister Wang Ching-feng did it again. At a New Year's Eve Party for prisoners -- what was the Justice Minister doing at such a thing -- she taunted the prisoners by saying that if they came up on stage and hugged the State Prosecutor General, they'd get a parole. Taiwan Echo's tape reviews the previous incident where prosecutors mocked former President Chen Shui-bian as an aids victim and drug addict. The new circus starts after 2:30 into the video.

There's something very twisted about mocking people you have power over. Hopefully in the upcoming cabinet reshuffle she will be removed and someone more balanced will replace her. And I'll continue to enjoy laughing at all the idiots who said prior to March that electing Ma would be putting the adults in charge.

UPDATE: Today in his New Year's Speech President Ma said:
Cross-strait tension had also eased, he said, adding that direct cross-strait transportation links were launched, the country’s international profile had been raised to a higher level and the public again had confidence in the judiciary.
.....and Eastasia is still at war with Oceania.


Anonymous said...

Ma is incredible. He doesn't ignore criticisms; in a major speech he emphasizes the exact opposite of what the rest of the world is criticizing him over.

Eastasia is still at war with Oceania is right.

Taiwan Echo said...

"saying that if they came up on stage and hugged her"

A little misunderstanding here -- what she asked the prisoners to do was to hug the State Public Prosecutor-General Chen Tsung-ming (檢查總長陳聰明).

Some netters over the Anti-media website ( 法務部長王清峰:『抱抱總長就可以假釋』!) suspect that it's an act to publicly humiliate Chen Tsung-ming, who was appointed by Chen Shui-bian before Ma elected. That is, an official of previous government.

Remember when questioned of biased prosecution focusing only on pro-green politicians, Ma government justified it by saying "it's normal to prosecute officials of previous government."

No body knows how long Chen Tsung-ming can keep his position.

Anonymous said...

These guys just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

No, they get it. Some of them have even taught politics at American universities. You can't do that if you don't get it. They just don't care. Class-based presumption justifies all to their minds. They reckon theirselves is blue bloods, pardon the pun. Order under heaven requires they be in charge. This belief means more to them even than ethnic-identity issues do.