Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daily Links, Jan 22, 2009

What's being prepared in the blogworld today?
  • My friend Greg goes to a nature reserve in Taiwan in search of the rare clouded leopard.

  • A new Taiwanese travel site by a resident of Taichung.

  • Everyone is blogging on Iphones being big in Taiwan

  • Menu pages from the Sea Dragon Club way back when.

  • Laowiseass on old world losers

  • Voucher blogging from The Bushman, Ni Howdy, and of course, oops! who wudda thunk it? Vouchers go missing. At Global Post, good article from Jon Adams.

  • Good essay on the great Sinologist John Francis

  • Daily Bubble Tea goes to Cingjing Farm

  • Steve Crook with tale of Siraya language activist Jimmy Huang... and the list of museums in Taiwan.

  • A-gu has latest stats on foreign marriages in Taiwan

  • Fili with gorgeous pics and narrative of Chinese opera and music in Taipei

  • As Taiwan Matters notes, in China, down is up: Taiwan threatens China. Far Eastern Sweet Potato shakes his head at a similar piece from Bloomberg.

  • The Real Taiwan becomes another who finds the true meaning of Christmas in Taiwan

  • US Defense Command gives personal recollections of Carter's decision to switch the PRC here and here.

  • Kelake finds a new park in Hsinchu.
  • MEDIA: Manthorpe on the danger of getting close to China. Taiwan to get international health notifications direct from the WHO. New certification rules for all agricultural products. Greatest credit card data breach in history.... Taiwan DRAM makers in merger, bailout talks. Not News: A convicted KMT heavyweight is given bail before conviction (read: chance to flee). News: he is actually taken back into custody. Cool: Taiwanese extort money from pigeon owners -- and use pigeons to pick up ransoms. "Democracy Memorial Hall" plaque to be removed and replaced with Nameinflux Hall Dead Dictator Memorial Chiang Kai-shek Memorial. Record numbers filing for unemployment. CNN Ireport on the Chen trial. The French open an R&D center in Kaohsiung. Special transportation services for the crowds expected to ooh and ahh as the Capitulationist Raccoons at the Taipei Zoo eat....and sleep. Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Lai warns of the perils of massive Chinese imports -- no shit, sherlock, that is why every country around China restricts Chinese exports to itself. Beijing wants US to stop selling weapons to Taiwan. Lots of stuff out there on Chen Shui-bian case... post tomorrow.

    PUBLICATIONS: The latest Taiwan Communique is hot off the press: President Barack Obama takes office... What policies to pursue?... The KMT's political vendetta against the DPP... No fair trial for Chen Shui-bian... Scholars and writers reiterate concern... Ma administration rejects independent commission... "Wild Strawberry" students continue protest... Members of Congress write President Bush... A Trail of broken promises, by Prof. Don Rodgers... China's economic tailspin, by Gerrit van der Wees... Taiwan's endangered pink dolphins by Christina MacFarquhar, Taiwan... In memoriam Senator Claiborne Pell, by Tom Hughes... Taiwan's Statesman, Lee Teng-hui and Democracy by Richard Kagan, reviewed by Jerome Keating...

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