Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hiking in Hsintien, New Years, 2009

A panorama of northern Taichung and Tanzi. Composite of four pictures.

Another year gone,and arrived, and Mark Forman and I decided to celebrate by dragging our kids along with us on a hike in Hsintien (previous hike, Dec 2007). Like most of the trails in the area, it climbs steeply to the ridgeline, where there are excellent views of Taichung to the west and Ta-ken and the Dongshih/Hsinshe area to the east. It's not as awesome as what you see on Pashan, but it is a good chance to chat and exercise. (click on any pic to be taken to its Flickr page).

The road up to the parking lot is a winding, narrow track.

Vendors were busy setting up as we arrived to park.

Not many butterflies this time of year, but we saw a few.

Some birds too....

My wife and daughter pose on the trail.

Which way to the Emerald City?

One reason I like living on a subtropical island is the profusion of flowers.

Mark, my son Sebastian, and his son Kevin converse as they walk.

Tiny now, but if it lives it will be bigger than my hand.

We stop to catch our breath at a small shrine, presumably wrecked in the 1999 quake.

It actually looks simpler and better like this.

Zeb and Kevin.

The viewing platform. The view was completely blocked by vegetation, but the bathrooms were nice.

Zeb points out our goal.

It was up the Endless Stair, to the summit of Zirak-zigal....

Ooops! Part of the trail had slid away. Fortunately the government had strung ropes there.

The kids pose.

These bugs are a common sight in the undergrowth.

Mark pauses on the stairs to catch a breath as Taichung looms in the distance.

At the top metal stairs shepherd you to...

...the great views.

Some of the locals had sensibly brought fruit to snack on. Of course they offered us some, with that incredible Taiwanese friendliness.

Mark Forman.

My wife Sylvia and my daughter Sheridan.

Homeward bound down the road.....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics, Michael. As an ex-Taichung resident, they take me back.

Congratulations on the excellent blog.

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) said...

Jolly good article and photos old chap. I lived in Hsintien for many years, but not sure I recognize where you were. Clearly, Hsintien covers a large area.