Thursday, January 08, 2009

Daily Links, Jan 8, 2009

Hope you've enjoyed the new year as much as these two have! What's to enjoy on the blogs today?

  • Laorencha on the East Coast. Speaking of the East Coast, Around Taiwan in 80 days is there now, in Taimali, one of my favorite places.

  • A-gu observes that Ma & Siew liquor bottles, shipped to China, had the word "president" removed, and blogs on the next KMT-CCP sellout party shindig.

  • Homeschooling in Taiwan on the rise.

  • Japan Probe points to the problem of food from other places labeled as being from Japan in Taiwan. An article from the Taiwan side.

  • The Taiwan Link with another excellent and informative post, on the World Games in Kaohsiung. Hurry up and get tickets!

  • I Witness interviews a married couple going to college at Mingchuan U

  • Scott on DPP Education policy: a report card.

  • Todd with an absolutely killer panorama of Taichung. Note to self: must warn Todd Taichung is MY panorama turf!

  • The Bushman lectures on improving your photography

  • Diane Lee resigns (A-gu). Wonder what deals the KMT and the US are making behind the scenes? Jerome blogs on the case.

  • Mark Harrison talks about his new book chapter.

  • Formosa Neiji on spinal qigong and tonifying the organs.

  • Ma Ying-jeou, mystery man. Is he impotent?

  • TaiwanAirBlog, always full of good combat aircraft porn, has the Open House schedule for the Taiwan air force.

  • A-gu remarks on an interesting part of Hu's speech

  • Thomas Crampton has an early assessment of Obama's Asia team.

  • Mark on how to buy Skype credit in Taiwan

  • Global Voices Online on organic farming here

  • EastWindUP wonders if Taiwan is regressing to its pre-democracy days...

  • MEDIA: Local news says Taichung to get two Emperor penguins from the Taipei Zoo, to be displayed at the Taichung fish market. Afterwards everyone is having penguin sashimi. Yum! NY Yankees have baseball clinic in Taiwan. Taiwan is leading foreign investor in Vietnam. Diane Lee resigns -- it's just another move in the game, folks. Don't expect too much. Our forex reserves hit a record high in 2008, $291 billion, riding record exports. President Ma says 2009 to be special year of Japan-Taiwan partnership. As the KMT moves Taiwan into China's orbit, you can rest assured diplomacy with Japan and the US will redouble, just as an adulterous husband will act especially loving toward his wife. A Solomons Island official here allegedly attacked some local policeman and has been sent home. Toxic gases overwhelm Taliao, which my wife I and both consider the worst place we have ever lived in our lives (years ago, thank all gods) Source of leaks may never be found. Indonesian fishing boat crewmen push two Taiwan sailors overboard. That will teach them to bring stinky tofu on board. A huge basalt wall found off the Penghu. Most Taiwanese see China as hostile, says DPP poll. What else would a DPP poll find? IHT says Taiwan is considering sending its navy to fight piracy off Somalia. Reuters reports on new movie driven by nutcase conspiracy theory that Chen Shui-bian had himself shot. What a coincidence that Chen decided to have himself shot, thus giving the KMT something to blame for blowing the election. Why, you'd almost think the KMT arranged it.... Ma save us! Slumping exports (biggest fall in trade surplus in 27 years) and skidding economy here, so the Central Bank makes a rate cut. Pretty soon they'll just be giving money away... oh yeah, they are doing that with the voucher program. Yahoo makes Taiwan a province of China. Xinhua reports that China is permitting Taiwan architects to practice, thus giving them the opportunity to do up cities in two nations in the best Urinthian style with plenty of tile. Seriously, eventually the push will come for Taiwan to recognize Chinese qualifications, based on moves like this. The Pentagon is wary of PRC-Taiwan ties. The NCC, which the KMT set up to control the media, is holding a hearing on new broadcast licenses. Think any of the illegal pro-Taiwan stations will get one? Fujian to hire retired Taiwan IT experts. Panda house to open on Jan 26, because the pandas have to be observed for parasites. Heck, it can't be too difficult to spot two overgrown, bamboo chomping parasites in the panda house, right?

    EVENTS: Wild Strawberries having an open house on the 11th. They may be setting up a permanent organization on Taiwan campuses.


    Look out for a nasty cold front this weekend!


    Anonymous said...

    What the heck? How do you read so much stuff and then keep track of it all to blog about it?

    Tommy said...

    From Taipei Times: "Despite her resignation, Lee said she and her lawyers still believed that she had lost her US citizenship the moment she took an oath to become a public official in Taiwan."

    Could this be the foundation of her anticipated defense in court? Does she plan to plead ignorance?

    I love her comments about the whole matter. Boy, she sure makes herself sound like the brave little trooper.

    Tommy said...

    I particularly like this quote too: "'Putting the citizenship controversy aside, she is a very hardworking lawmaker but the DPP humiliated her ... If I were her, I would not be able to take it either,' Lo said."

    Oh so she is a hardworking lawmaker? He did not mention that, if the recent statement from the State Department is correct, she BROKE the law, lied about it brazenly for months, and now has the temerity to portray herself as a victim. I think Ma should lock her up incommunicado until an indictment is made and then keep her under lock and key until the trial. I hear that this is the way prisoners are treated in Taiwan these days...

    Anonymous said...

    Maybe they should ask Lo Fu-chu what he'd do to her?

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the link, Michael!