Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daily Links, Jan 29, 2009

My son launches the Year of the Ox with fireworks.... Who's shooting off on the blogs today?

  • The China Beat calls for a truth and reconciliation commission for Taiwan as the guard of honor is reinstated in front of the Dead Dictator Memorial and the old plaque is returned. Good luck, Paul, I remember fruitless discussions of that I had back in 1991.

  • DEMO! argues that Jimmy Lai is an example to Taiwan businessmen.

  • Global Voices rounds up some of the info on the massive gas leak in Daliao.

  • Steve Crook and an animal activist discuss the Buddhist habit of mercy releases.

  • Fili explores Buddhism in Puli

  • Scott on the Examination Yuan under the KMT

  • Brian's erotic hypnosis discount expires Feb 1.

  • Remember, David has monday's links

  • CleverCLAIRE finds joy in KMT surveys

  • Taiwan Link on envisioning Taiwan's future

  • Lee Ming-tao's photos at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum

  • Conspicuous consumption in Taiwan

  • Can't get along in Taiwan? Ask Roseanne!

  • MEDIA: Cambodia says no Taiwan officials allowed. Heritage Foundation with an excellent analysis of why China's growth figures are absurd. Taiwan's debt rating falls. Control Yuan disciplines military over the Taiwan Goal affair. Indian National Bose, who died in Taiwan in 1945, makes the news again. A 96 hour run kicks off in Taichung. Asia Times peeks into China's military mind. At least one of the weird UFO house sites in Taiwan is going to be rebuilt. It's true: technology makes you dumber. Maioli Hakka culture park to open in 2011. Now Hakkas can have their own kitsch history too! Except for being powerless, spineless, and a regional administrator, Ma Ying-jeou is exactly like Hu Jin-tao: he says that his administration "lead the world in coming up with a shopping-voucher program through which each citizen was given NT$3,600 in shopping vouchers to encourage them to spend more." That's more or less a quote folks -- I'll give you a moment to re-assemble your brains which I know have just exploded. Taipei Mayor Hau apologizes for the Makong Gondola flaws. Officials seize illegal animal products from China -- somehow they missed the pandas, though. Yet another forecast of basically 0% growth here for 2009. Reuters on the cross strait flights not being a bonanza. What a shock!


    Anonymous said...

    Add this link: Singapore Cuts Government Salaries as Slump Deepens (Jan19)

    The top government salaries will fall 12 percent to 20 percent in 2009 and “may be subject to further adjustments given the volatility of the economy."

    >I think its likely the same cuts will be made in Taiwan soon. This may be the next protest that we see.

    Anonymous said...

    "I'll give you a moment to re-assemble your brains which I know have just exploded."
    mate, u owe me a new brain. please pre-warn us next time u post something of this calibre... sweet jesus i need a drink!