Sunday, August 31, 2008

Next Meet Up and Other Stuff

First, before the meet up information.... a friend of mine is moving to the US to do a PHD and is getting rid of all sorts of stuff -- books, clothing, videos, and so on. I have placed the list she gave me on my backup site. Her full explanation and contact information are there. Buy it up!

The next meet up is Saturday, and Jerome has the full information:


Speaker: John Tkacik A Senior Research Fellow in Asian Studies at the Heritage Foundation in Wash. DC; John is a retired diplomat and well-versed in US policy to China, Taiwan, and Mongolia.

Venue: Same place we have used in past couple of months. The meeting location is the restaurant 婷婷翠玉 at 174 AnHe Road, Section Two. (rough translation of name is Tender, Pretty Green Jade.) You will be able to tell the restaurant by the lace curtains on the window--it was used in a TV commercial a while back. (We will have the downstairs room--breakfast cost will range between NT$100 and NT$150. Phone if lost 2736-8510.

Restaurant is between Far Eastern Plaza Mall/Hotel and HePing East Road--about a half a block north of the corner of HePing East Road Sec. 3 and AnHe Road. or a half a block south of Far Eastern Plaza on the AnHe Road side.

Take the MRT Mucha Line to the Liuchangli Station exit there, and walk west on HePing East Road 3/4 of a block till you reach where AnHe Road dead-ends into it.Then go north on AnHe Road; it is a half a block up on the west side of that street.

Or take any bus down HePing East Road and get off at the first stop that is east of Tun Hua South Road. That will put you at the corner of HePing and AnHe.

You can also take a bus down Tun Hua South Road to the stop right across from Far Eastern Plaza and walk over to AnHe Road.

Or if you take the 235 bus east, it turns off of HePing onto AnHe Road and the first stop is right across from the restaurant.

TIME: 9:30 am

Jerome says he'd like an RSVP (



skiingkow said...

Hey Michael,

I noticed something very interesting today. There has been a number of articles in the corporate media about the Shanghai World Financial Centre which has just opened up.

Most western media (including AP, Reuters, Bloomberg) has trumpeted this building as...


...without condition.

This, implicitly, is somewhat of a precedent of sorts. This new building is 492 metres. Taipei 101, on the other hand, tops out at just over 509 metres. This means that, indirectly, these western corporate media organizations are trumpeting that Taiwan is not part of China.

Interestingly, the China state media slipped up a bit as well. The headline in one Xinhua article reads...

China's tallest tower inaugurated in Shanghai (cached version - for anti-memory hole goodness)

Of course, the first paragraph qualifies that a bit by using the qualifier "mainland". But the editor missed the headline. Any bets on when this will be scrubbed / edited?

Anyhow, it's interesting to see that when politics is not involved, the western media has no problem understanding that Taiwan is not part of China.


Anonymous said...

I would totally go if I were in Taiwan! Last time I heard Mr. Tkacik's presentation was a few years ago in Los Angeles, I think it was a FAPA event. The depth in his analysis was really amazing.

Angry Taiwanese Guy said...

Stop Ma, I think this may have to do with the fact that I know a lot of Chinese Americans, and recent Chinese immigrants that didn't even know that the Taipei 101 was the second tallest building in the world behind the one in Dubai. Makes me wonder if China covered it up.

Anonymous said...

Here is a follow-up to StopMa's link:

Shanghai's World Financial Center may prove to be a white elephant