Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daily Links, August 21, 2008

What's being collected on the blogs today?

  • Wild at Heart on Founder Robin Winkler interviewed in the Taipei Times.

  • US Taiwan Defense Command has a welcome letter from way back when to troops posted to The Beautiful Island.

  • Holly blogs on where the temple costumes come from.

  • Ran the Man blogs on Girls of Taiwan in ten easy categories.

  • The Foreigner has been on a roll lately. Enjoy this abuse of the idiotic belief that Chen Shui-bian had himself shot.

  • Into quilting? The Dutch Lady in Taiwan shares her experience.

  • A-gu catalogues the extent of the damage from Chen Shui-bian's monstrous stupidity and corruption. I always thought we'd get one more Ma term anyway, but this pretty much seals it. Maddog looks at the drip drip drip of Taiwan's independence dripping away, concealed by the Chen affair...Richard thinks it might be the end of the line.

  • TaiwanAirBlog continues its series on the 50th anniversary of the Taiwan Strait Crisis.

  • Steve Crook on Taiwan's Newest Forests.

  • Taiwan Photographers is moving to Wordpress.

  • Mark Forman goes to Nantou.

  • Kelake looks at the Taiwan and Singapore MOE websites.

  • Sumptuous photos of Barclay Park in Tainan from Meiguotaiwanren.

  • MEDIA: An old problem: Taiwan fishing boats fishing illegally in Saipan waters. Taiwanese regulators look into the privatization and merger deals involved state-owned firms during Chen's tenure. Lots of people in the US Techworld think it is bizarre and silly that Taiwan is targeting Microsoft in an anti-trust action for using its monopoly power to force consumers to buy Vista instead of XP (some don't). Apparently everyone forgot to ask the consumers what they wanted. And when the consumers disagree with the Tech Experts, they must be nuts! There's a reason why American firms find it so hard to market in Asia.... Dengue fever is smacking both the north and south, with 13 more cases in Kaohsiung...and don't forget enterovirus as well... Major signal to Japan? Taiwan appoints a KMT heavyweight as ambassador. Teenage pregnancies occurring at younger ages in Taiwan. Taiwan baseball team beaten by Team US: US to medal round, Taiwan home to recriminations. A government survey finds President Ma at 47% popularity, whereas among businessmen it is only 15% (but headline is misleading -- it's actually higher.


    Tommy said...

    It doesn't make sense to me that anyone would support the KMT just because Chen has f*ed up the DPP. I think that Ma will get a bump in popularity and the DPP will be down for a long time though.

    As a non-expert on these matters, I have often wondered why nobody has tried to profit by setting up a new centrist party. Do you think it is because so many people had so much faith in the DPP? With that faith destroyed, it would seem to me like the time is ripe. Taiwan is obviously lukewarm on Ma and totally disenchanted with the DPP. What is needed is a new, cleaner "middle way".

    Tim Maddog said...

    A government survey gives Mr. Ma 47%? Ha! He probably considers that a "gold medal" after the July poll from the pro-blue Global Views (遠見雜誌) which showed him as having only a 27% approval rating -- the same pathetic figure as George W. Bush's July poll via Fox News.

    I'll be watching for the August results from Global Views.

    Tim Maddog

    Anonymous said...

    As a precondition for diplomatic ties, China has required that the Vatican end its official relationship with Taiwan, which prompted Beijing to sever its

    btw. chinese ruled Buddhists and Masta Konfu lickers are widely present in Taiwan by delegations and propaganda shows.. why should Vatican ban itself out of Taiwan again? unhappy chinesiness?

    Anonymous said...

    Internal police documents reveal strategy with foreign journalists

    Carlos said...

    I've always been surprised that DPP weakness never resulted in a TSU boost.

    Richard said...


    that's the state of Taiwan's democratic system. Still in it's infancy, it's not about the ideals behind the party, its still about the money and who can help Taiwan get more money. And a president that steals money from them is enough for a lot of Taiwanese to support the KMT. Yes it's ridiculous, but it is the truth.

    Tommy said...

    "Ha! He probably considers that a "gold medal" after the July poll from the pro-blue Global Views"

    Yes, 47% from a GOVERNMENT poll no less. No agendas there....

    Michael Turton said...

    Carlos -- the TSU is popularly represented as a "Green" party but it is in fact a mix of Blues and Greens, and most of its strength is in the north and in cities.

    Anonymous said...

    Thomas said: It doesn't make sense to me that anyone would support the KMT just because Chen has f*ed up the DPP.

    I would agree with this, too. I think there's already a built-in distrust of politicians on the island. Chen appears to be just another in a long line of corrupt officials abounding in Chinese and Taiwanese history (around which the Chinese culture even has designed a holiday--Dragon Boat Festival).

    I would prefer to take an optimistic view on this. Such a crisis is also an opportunity (Chinese: weiji).

    The ideals will persist--the majority's desire not to be part of China's system, and to maintain the evolving democratic process, in spite of setbacks.

    There have been far worse setbacks to the democratic movement than double-dipping presidents, and it has managed to survive.

    I wonder if we'll see a an eventual dissolution of the DPP and the emergence of a newer party, perhaps one made up of those who felt disaffected by the previous leadership?

    At any rate, I prefer to adhere to the ideals, hope for the best, and support what is most cherished by the people.

    Anonymous said...

    "Hard ROC? Or is it that Ma Ying-jeou simply can't bear to hurt Zion, the source of all that is good in the world, China. You make the call... but in warfare, it is difficult to win if you can't carry the fight to the enemy."

    Typical condescending racist American remark.

    From the Korean War when the USA blocked Taiwan's attempted participation to the 1980's when the USA forced Taiwan to scrap its nuclear weapons program, it has been the consistent policy of the USA to prevent Taiwan from being able to do any harm to China. But for US efforts to keep Taiwan down, the KMT probably would have made Taiwan into an Israel-like mini superpower who would have some real bargaining power vis-a-vis China.

    Thank You USA, Taiwan's Greatest Friend