Saturday, September 26, 2015

US-Taiwan Business Council Admits US Wasted 8 Years of Chen Administration

Chiayi tea farms.

My man Ben G just tweeted this around from the US-Taiwan Business Council Report on US-Taiwan relations.
The vacuum created in U.S. relations with Taiwan over the past 7 years leaves the possibility of a crisis in the Taiwan Strait in 2016, as China capitalizes on U.S. inattentiveness. But a “house cleaning” arms sale prior to the Taiwan election and a declaration of support for Taiwan’s TPP candidacy in the first part of 2016 would place Taiwan policy back on a stable footing and telegraph U.S. support.

Conversely, attempts to avoid a crisis by placing undue pressure on a potential DPP government to accommodate Chinese demands will instead fuel further estrangement in Taiwan, and would likely see escalating demands from China and increased cross-Strait tensions. Neither is in the best interests of the U.S.
Ben observed of that latter paragraph: US-Taiwan Business Council more or less admits that US wasted 8 yrs of Chen admin and exacerbated cross-trait tensions.

This is pretty much what we on Taiwan were screaming during the whole of the Chen Administration; indeed, Chen himself said it publicly several times. Vindication is late, but still welcome. Thanks, USTB.

Note also how the Ma Administration is referred to: a vacuum. Yup. The US worked to put him in power, and it got the Taiwan president it deserved -- someone who basically held up a middle finger to the United States for 7 years. Great work there, folks.
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Carlos said...

Is the report online?

Anonymous said...

I respect that you have an opinion. Spin as you were!

Michael Turton said...

Not that I know of.

I respect that you have an opinion. Spin as you were!


Anonymous said...

People of Taiwan elected Ma with hope that China will help Taiwan to be prosperous. It end up only enrich certain group of people. It was an experiment that failed. Tsai will not bring immediate salvation but at least she will not bet everything in China.