Monday, May 05, 2014

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Too busy, too tired to blog today....
Daily Links:
  • Taiwan is growing immigration destination for Hong Kongers (first segment in this video)
  • Irony is dead: President's Ma sisters show up at New May Fourth rally with Chang An-lo, the White Wolf, longtime gangster, at a rally to, among other things, "support" the police and rule of law. The government announced that it is charging one of the underlings for the illegal assembly of gangsters led by Chang An-lo to attack the students a few weeks ago. It has to punish someone from its own side  in order to jail the students, and they lack the stones to punish the White Wolf. 
  • DPP's Lin up on Hu in Taichung by 18 points in early Apple poll for mayor election.
  • The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission Report on Taiwan-China Relations, April 29, 2014
  • Photo-Essay on the Sunflower Movement from American student of Taiwanese descent who was "present at the creation." Good pics, astute discussion. 
  • Taiwan to sue short seller Glaucus Research
  • Jens Kastner: Taiwan as a western Pacific Cargo hub?
  • Taiwan's Clam Heartland
  • Bluesplainin'
  • The transformation of Taiwan's Sunflower Movement. Laskai, in The Diplomat
  • Cool: Strava bike riding heat map for Taiwan
  • More on the purblind stupidity of building Nuke 4:
    The Fourth Nuclear Power Plant is actually the last of its kind in the world, and its designer, General Electric (GE) Co, is unlikely to sell this kind of nuclear unit again. Since the basic design of the Taiwanese unit is similar to that of the Japanese Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, nobody dares purchase such a unit. Today, the GE’s two existing units of this kind are in Japan and are the only such units in the world. They are functioning well so far. When a massive earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2011, authorities stopped the operations of the two units temporarily, for safety checks and quickly resumed the operations when no damage was reported.

    However, the original GE design of the two units was altered by Hitachi, Toshiba Corp and other Japanese companies, and even GE is unaware of all the changes. That being so, the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant is a guinea pig with no framework to follow
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TaiwanJunkie said...

Picture of the latest textbook, this is enough for me to protest on the street.

Of course Ma's sisters would show up at a protest with the White Wolf just a couple of days after their mother's passing. Of course!

Okami said...

The short seller article has me worried as getting sued generally means they're right.

The Trans Pacific hub idea is still breathing? Now that's a zombie idea that keeps kicking around. Unfortunately no one in Taiwan really wants to do anything to make such things easier. See UPS's history with Taipei City for details how this really works out. This would of been a great idea 10-20 years ago, but you can't start a small factory anymore. Where are you going to get people to work for you? It's all set up for export and foreign labor. There's not going to be enough local manufacturing to support such grand plans.

The scary thing is when you and I come to the same conclusion on things but from different directions. I didn't expect that in the Age of Obama.

les said...

I fully expect the idea of making Taiwan into a regional financial hub to surface again soon. That's another zombie idea that keeps coming around. Same problem. Govt. would love to have the result, but isn't willing to change any ground rules in order to allow it to happen.