Sunday, May 04, 2014

Just a reminder of what the ROC claims

What the ROC claims. Which also includes Mongolia and will, soon in the future, likely include Okinawa. The South China Sea claims are in the text at the bottom.
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Anonymous said...

What happens soon that will cause this to include Okinawa?

Michael Turton said...

No specific event. Just the long term trend of both PRC and ROC governments to talk more about how Okinawa should be 'independent' and how China should have consulted when it was returned to Japan, etc. This has been building over the last few years. I expect that in the future, not long from now, maybe a few more years, China will start informally broaching the idea that Okinawa is Chinese.

I have also heard many of my right-wing deep blue students say that out loud -- it was "ours" until the Japanese stole it in the 19th century, as if three centuries of rule by Satsuma had never occurred....


TaiwanJunkie said...

Overheard at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Japanese section:

這不就是我们的嗎?!!! (in thick mainland accent)

Anything remotely similar is therefore Chinese. If Chinese, then it must be politically unified.