Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pigeon Cages

Look around you. They are everywhere, atop buildings, next to homes, in the back of fields. Pigeon cages, housing valuable racing animals. Check out this old piece on pigeon racing to see why they are so important. Click on read more to continue.

Freshly painted in rural areas...

...hiding in urban areas where you'd least expect them.

This giant green castle is probably the successor to the rusty cage at the right.

Tucked away behind bushes.

Prize pigeons locked up safely.

I'm always amazed by their size. A three story building is not at all unusual.

Fenghsing Road outside of Fengyuan.

Deep in the heart of Miaoli, near the Broke Railroad Viaduct.

Can you spot the three cages in this picture?

Atop factories and shops.

Another pair of pigeon cages, along the Dajia River near Shihgang.

The wreckage of hopes.

A complex cage.

Right across from Fujen University in New Taipei City, two cages.


Pretty girl with pigeon cage.

Another multi-level cage.

The area north and west of the Agongidan Reservoir in Kaoshiung is a center of pigeon activity, with thousands of colorful cages like this one. Well worth a visit if that is your interest.

A factory with a cage on top in the Agongdian Reservoir area.

A few of the many cages in Agongdian Reservoir area.

Pingtung cage.


Two more cages.

Love the jaunty colors of this one, just outside Pingtung city.

A veritable pigeon bed and breakfast.

This was part of a set of four large two story cages sitting on a vacant lot in Pingtung city.

The third cage in that group of four.

There was also a tent with some old guys sipping Whisbee and ready to make a deal. Alas, my bike bag had no room for pigeons.

Complete with a winch for taking the owner up in style. Pingtung City.

Run down but still working.

Some cages are smaller than others.

A street level cage, not at all common.

This unused cage is in Linnei.

Right in Tainan city.

The owner broods over his flock inside.

A cage behind a house in Hsinshe.

Traditional houses with a modern addition.

Mr Lin's pigeon sales in Tainan.

The end of all cages.
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