Tuesday, June 07, 2011

ROC claims map

Map of ROC territorial claims (h/t to Cyril on FB).
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CLB said...

Leopard cats are quietly living on Tatu Mt, Taichung. No one knew they were there until scientists from Tunghai University put out automatic cameras.

Anonymous said...

My brother-in-law has an ipad, which was provided to him by his company so that they could reverse engineer it for Samsung.

Okami said...

They're going to need a lot of software in order to beat the Ipad. For me, it was what sold me on it. The free apps allow me to have my daughter get some English instruction while I'm not around. It was highly recommended for young children by the Taichung Parents' group. I can't even see them putting out anything even close.

Dixteel said...

sigh....so many people want to change this f**king ridiculous sh*t in the constitution and education material etc but China, KMT and some US morons don't allow it. And then some dumb idiots said on some forum that China aim missiles at Taiwan because Taiwan claims China as its territory. What a bunch of A-holes.

ALX said...

@Dixteel: BREEEEATHE and vote for the DPP

Anonymous said...

HTC and Barnes & Noble are the only interesting mobile/tablet companies.

Samsung just copycats Apple very, very closely, and in fact is being sued for it.

HTC overlays Android with the Touch interface that is proprietary. The problem in my opinion, is HTC has not made any bold moves to solidify its platform and differentiate itself from other Android competitors beyong Touch. I would 1) phase out Windows Mobile phones 2) build its own app store and cloud services 3) standardize phones across mobile service providers so that it's easy to develop, test, and customize an app for specifically HTC phones.

Barnes & Noble is just interesting because they have the Nook Color. It's already its own customized Android platform with its own app store and obviously ebooks are front and central with the Nook.

Hmm, maybe HTC and B&N need to talk. B&N is certainly up for sale and HTC has plenty of cash.