Monday, June 27, 2011

Daily Links, June 27, 2011

Rode up to Mingde Reservoir in Miaoli yesterday, an easy 130 km ride through the rolling hills of Miaoli on Rte 3. Lovely day with no real sun, cool and cloudy. Snapped this woman and the earth god shrine along the north side of the lake.

What's going on this week? Plenty.....

SPECIAL: The popular Shu Flies rocks the house this week with a great post on suits against bloggers and speech freedom in Taiwan


Lots of butterflies out on the flowers in the protected area around the reservoir.

TOTALLY NOT TAIWAN: PZ Myers with an interesting post w/video on an artist who makes casts of women's vulvas. Could be great comfort to those femmes out there who aren't sure whether they are normal because it shows the awesome variation in female private bits.
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Waltzin' Jaloma said...

I found Sayaka Chitani's contribution to "Frog In The Well" a sobering food for my thoughts.

How in the 1970s, a Sasayat of chieftain lineage and career teacher educated as Japanese and having served under both Japanese and Chinese administrations reminisces and embraces with grateful and loyal inclusiveness both allegiances.

Read Hayaka's paper to learn where an intelligent and learned Sasayat ultimately found the elusive "祖国".

It is not unfair to the memory of that invaluable witness of twentieth century Taiwan to keep in mind that he wound up a KMT civil servant and retiree.