Friday, December 03, 2010

HKK mag says Lien Chan for PRC Veep

Hong Kong's Jingbao magazine ("北京拟邀连战任国家副主席") quotes an "authoritative source" that in 2013 China may offer KMT honorary Chair Lien Chan the position of Vice Chairman of the PRC. The magazine further speculated that this would not be possible given Taiwan politics unless Ma should be re-elected in 2012.

The mind reels.
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jerome in vals said...

Might it mean a benign CCP has decided time is ripe for extending a brotherly hand to that lost tribe stranded on inhospitable Japanese Formosa?

In their resolve to mend the split with the KMT, are the CCP prepared to bankroll the KMT 軍公教 pensioners’ retirement fund on Chinese taxpayer’s pocketbook?

Then, the US has lost the humanitarian ground for keeping those exiles on Formosa.

The US ought to cancel its proxy’s mandate to rule Formosa, and in fulfilling its occupier’s duties on that SFPT cession, ought to promote a long delayed Formosan Civil Government by the Formosans, for the Formosans.

And the exiles should be allowed a 2 years respite to decide where their allegiance ultimately rests. Not all exiles will be willing to follow China-slave Lien in kicking back the shores that offered them haven.

Next month Barack should egg Jin-tao on. The latter’s bid for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize hinges on the completion of that move.

les said...

I'm sure that such an offer hinges on the success of quisling Ma to bring Taiwan back to the motherland despite the inevitable resistance from the natives.

Open question to all in Taiwan who consider themselves Chinese: Wouldn't be easier for you to just go 'home', rather than reinvent reality with Taiwan as a part of your country, and dragging the unwilling majority along?