Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shorties for Saturday

The new science park in Taichung on the NW side of the city, some 400 hectares, is going to have a 3,000 hectare belt of low density mixed development around it. This is probably why land speculation in that area is rife.

Contrary to news reports in the pro-Green media, polls show that Taichung mayoral candidate Su Chia-chuan polls better in the city than in Taichung county. He is decisively behind Jason Hu.

Kaohsiung Mayor took a nap during the Fanapi flooding. Apparently the prosecutors office is looking into this. That's just the kind of ugly move that could make a martyr out of her....

Note that the new regulations on Chinese students in Taiwan do not make it against the law for Chinese students to work in Taiwan. Just against regulations. And you know how everyone closely adheres to regulations in Taiwan. Regulations say that students from Calormen China admitted to Archenland Taiwan can only be 1% of all students. And you know how everyone closely adheres to regulations in Taiwan. BTW you did notice that the 1% is only "in the initial stages", right?

Here is the letter of 200 CCP heavyweights who called for free speech. Note how they compare free speech in colonial Hong Kong to modern CCP's repression of same in an independent country. Interesting how in context of call for free speech in China there is no mention of Taiwan.....too hot button?
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D said...

That's the Sanmenxia dam, not the Three Gorges. Amazing story though. It's like relocating 200,000 people from southern Indiana to northern North Dakota. It will make a fantastic movie someday -- when it can be filmed...

Michael Turton said...

Thanks for the correction.

Readin said...

"Taiwan's harbors to be consolidated under state-run corporation"

Yeah, government monopolies are always so much more efficient than private industry. You need look no further than the Soviet Union and China for proof.

Of course, by "efficient" I don't mean in promoting economic success - that's what the free market is for. Government monopolies don't promote economic success well at all. But they are unrivaled at providing political cronies with perqs and favors. They are unrivaled at increasing the power of the party in charge. And that's likely what the KMT is after.

Michael Turton said...

Long time no see, Readin. I agree. In fact I suspect that having a state run corporation + free trade zones there will mean lots of Chinese illegally entering Taiwan.