Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crisis of Life website

Dr. Walther passed this on to me....


Three days before the start of the international conference on biodiversity in Japan (Convention on Biological Diversity,18-29 October 2010), in collaboration with the biologist Dr Bruno Walther launches the video project

This educational non-profit video project, accompanied by texts and weblinks, hopes to inform about the ‘crisis of life’ itself.

The negative impacts of the biodiversity crisis on our quality of life will only increase unless the sustainable management of the planet’s living resources becomes a global concern and leads to changes in policies and management on local, national and international levels.

Because this topic is still not receiving sufficient attention by the media, Dr Walther (Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute) and video journalist Klaus Bardenhagen have interviewed several experts on biodiversity over the past two years, in which they talk about the threat to and the value of biodiversity, as well as possible solutions to the biodiversity crisis.

The consequences of continuing business-as-usual could be devastating, with species extinctions and ecosystem collapses on a global scale. To avoid such calamities, we need a new kind of global governance which maintains biodiversity and ecosystems as a global commons cared for by all of humanity.

Dr. Bruno Walther
Research Fellow
Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute (TESRI)
1 Ming-Shen East Road, Jiji, Nantou 552, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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mike said...

You didn't like the soviet reference? Fine, resubmit:

Were I a leftist like you Turton, I would be very wary of associating myself too strongly with Bruno Walther. I do not believe him to take particular care over either the accuracy or sincerity of the claims he makes. He is the worst sort - a liability, a bit like that environmental 10:10 group in the UK making videos where they blow up little kids and claim it's funny and in a good cause.

On December 21st last year, he accused Bjorn Lomborg of being an "anti-environmentalist"; simply not true. Even I am not an "anti-environmentalist" and unlike me, Lomborg actually believes the AGW hypothesis to be true.

In the same article, just four months after the Climate Gate scandal broke, he accused Lomborg of perpetrating " of the worst cases of scientific fraud in the history of environmental writing." A touch of the Freudian slip, perhaps?

On September 22nd this year, he revealed what must surely be a willful ignorance of basic economics when he wrote: "...pursuing economic growth... is becoming counterproductive... logic dictates that growth simply cannot go on forever on a limited planet." The man is a profound ignoramus; does he know nothing of the failed predictions of Paul Ehrlich?

And earlier this year on June 22nd, he managed a mesmerizing combination of obvious transparency with slithering deviousness in his character assassination of me in the Taipei Times. He knows full well (or perhaps not at all) that the government in Zimbabwe massively devalued the currency in addition to countless other monstrosities, and yet he had the sheer barefaced cheek to cite that country as an example of what I would regard as a low-tax paradise.

If you read this Walther - you're perfectly welcome to reduce your own carbon footprint permanently. Just don't expect anyone else to follow you.

Michael Turton said...

Mike, Lomborg is a fraud and a shill. I suggest you read his bio on Sourcewatch. Walther was too kind.