Thursday, October 01, 2009

Typhooon Parma may gobsmack Taiwan

The Swinden Group says:
As of 1500 GMT September 30, 2009, Typhoon Parma, with sustained winds of 85 mph, is located about 160 nautical miles north-northwest of Palau. Parma is a category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale of 1 to 5 and is expected to intensify to at least a category 3 storm.

Over the next several days, Typhoon Parma will track towards Luzon, Philippines while intensifying and could come dangerously close to Luzon battering the region with torrential rains triggering life-threatening flooding and mudslides. Once past Luzon, Typhoon Parma is expected to track towards Taiwan reaching the region early next week.

“As Typhoon Parma travels closer to the Philippines, the immediate threat from this storm will be the possibility of torrential rains causing widespread flooding for central and northern Philippines,” explains Matthew Swinden, President of the Swinden Group. “If Parma continues on its forecasted track, it will skirt by Luzon, Philippines on Friday and Saturday. Even with a near miss, damage to the infrastructure due to widespread flooding could be a threat as we saw with Tropical Storm Ketsana last week. Travel in and out of Luzon may be hampered over the weekend and into early next week. We have been urging our clients to have a plan in place in the event they need to leave the area. Those that are remaining to ride out the storm should be prepared to be self sufficient, and fend for themselves for at least 72 hours if not longer.”

While Parma may prove to be a near miss for the Philippines, Taiwan may experience a direct hit. The Swinden Group is advising their clients to prepare for the worst in Taiwan as Parma may have devastating effects upon the region if it makes a direct strike.
Gird thy loins, prepare thy pocketbook. Parma (yesterday pic) looks like it is going to swing north over the Philippines and then veer into southern Taiwan. Could be grim.
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Wayne Hitchcock said...

The price of vegetables has probably already doubled.

English Teacher Guy said...

like that shot of the lizard in his habitat

Michael Turton said...

Wayne, I'm curious about that too.

Me too! on the lizard photo.

constant gina said...

wow...I hope they are warned in time to evacuate...