Monday, August 17, 2009

US Troops Land in Taiwan

The US military has landed in Taiwan for the first time in thirty years (officially), says Taiwan News:
A U.S. military transport plane landed in Taiwan with typhoon relief aid yesterday afternoon in a first since Washington switched diplomatic relations to China 30 years ago.

The C-130 transport plane arrived at a military airport in Tainan around 2:30 p.m., one week after Typhoon Morakot devastated the South. Two heavy CH-53E helicopters from the U.S. had also been expected, but the Ministry of National Defense said they would only arrive today as a ship was first supposed to bring them closer to the island after the necessary maintenance. Each helicopter can transport 16 tons of goods, reports said.

Yesterday's landing of the cargo flight from the Japanese island of Okinawa was the first such event since Washington switched its diplomatic recognition to Beijing under President Jimmy Carter in 1979.
Taipei Air Station, a blog which features posts on the US military and its service here in the years prior to 1979 when US troops were stationed in Taiwan, crowed today about the arrival of our boys here, saying:
I know the United States will provide all that is asked and more.

And when it is completed, do I have a motion from the readers of this blog, to ask the United States to park our aircraft and remain in Taiwan just in case help is needed for any contingency in the future?
I'll second that motion! Many thanks to my homeland for its generous assistance.

So far Taiwan has refused Chinese military aid, but is accepting prefab homes from Beijing.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome. Forget how hard the Taiwanese army and rescue workers have worked days and nights tirelessly to evacuate and proivde aids to thousands of people already. The Taiwanese effort doesn't deserve one word of of praise from you. Then the GI Joes come at the tailend of the rescue and is going to take ALL the credit and praises.


Anonymous said...

商業周刊 第1134期 2009-08-17





水是輕柔,下手卻重。 老天爺開了一場玩笑,我們二千三百萬人卻笑不出來。

這是一場共同承擔的劫難,我們誰都逃離不了。 三十年前,水產養殖是讓我們驕傲的,日本消費者盤中的鰻魚丼、石斑魚湯,來自養殖戶年年「進貢」,我們換到了鈔票,他們得到了美味。

















Michael Turton said...

The Taiwanese effort doesn't deserve one word of of praise from you.

You need help, seriously. Not only have I seen the aid effort, I have privately and publicly praised it. And provided links to stories as well as places to donate.

Really, see a doctor.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, you don't have to post comments like that (first anon). Gun is very provocative language. He just told you the English equivalent of "go the fuck back to America".

I mean we've seen enough, we know there are disgusting people like that out there, it's funny and disappointing at the same time. But enough is enough.

Michael Turton said...

Yes, I agree, enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

As the proud father of Taiwanese children, Michael has a right and a responsibility to ensure they have the best home they can have. He has every right to stay in Taiwan and fight for Taiwan.

Anon should go the fuck back to China, or wherever he thinks he's from.

les said...

Note that those temporary homes from China were rejected by Pingtung county government after it was revealed that the same units were used in Sichuan after the earthquake there last year. Apparently a great number of women who were pregnant while living in those miscarried, and the homes were found to contain some poisons (what a surprise).
The still-packed units are laid out along highway 1 for anyone who wants them, because Pingtung for sure doesn't.

Sadly, Ma-tong had previously turned down some temporary housing from Japan, made from carbon materials, safe, environmentally-friendly and very cheap. Is Ma-tong so keen to please his masters in Beijing as to poison the Taiwanese people rather than accept gifts from Japan? Nice way to show thanks for all those Hakka and aboriginal votes.