Saturday, August 04, 2018

Explaining Canada's China Policy

A net-acquaintance posted this to a discussion group..
____ describes the organization accurately. Leading members have much to offer, in particular deep background on Power Corporation, a huge corporation and major player all over the world which has somehow managed to fly below the radar of Canadian citizens for many decades.

Power Corporation has virtually dictated China policy to all Canadian governments since at least 1972. And the China policy it dictates has always been determined and drafted in Beijing. Through Power Corporation, Beijing has virtually owned every Canadian Prime Minister since 1972. It prefers the Liberal Party, but had no difficulty working through PM Brian Mulroney when the Conservatives were in Power. Later still, when the Conservatives came back to power in 2008 under Stephen Harper (who took office with a notably anti-China public persona), it took about two years. But after that, Harper did as he was told and toed the Power Corp line as had all Prime Ministers of both parties before him.

Pierre Trudeau was a behind the scenes co-founder of the Canada China Trade Council (Now the Canada China Business Council) in 1972, along with the then CEO of Power, Paul Desmarais. When Brian Mulroney brought the Conservatives back to power, he had a history with Power Corp as their Labour Lawyer. Jean Chretien had been a Cabinet Minister under Pierre Trudeau. When Trudeau’s Liberals were soundly defeated by Mulroney, Chretien left politics to accept a position with Gordon Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Corporation.

Later Chretien led a Liberal victory over Mulroney and became Prime Minister in his own right. By this point, Chretien’s daughter was married to Andre Desmarais, son of Paul Desmarais and new CEO of Power.

Paul Martin succeeded Chretien and immediately preceded Stephen Harper. Martin was a huge tycoon who had made his fortune as owner of Canada Steamship Lines. CSL had been a division of Power Corp but had been spun off to Martin. Martin later moved the international headquarters of CSL from New York to Shanghai and for many years has had almost all its ships built in China.

Power Corp is the major investor in the Three Gorges Dam project and, along with Bombardier, is also a major investor in the China/Tibet railroad project.

There is much more to the Power Corp story and I apologize for going on at such length.
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Anonymous said...

Just a few days ago, a Chinese economist gave a speech with explosive content. He claimed that China fought the war with Vietnam in order to normalize relations with the US. Before the war gets started, Deng went to the US to tell Jimmy Carter that China would attach Vietnam soon.

No one dares to give a speech like this without approval from the upper echelon of China ruling class.
China internal struggle is getting hot.

Anonymous said...

Canadian Border Services Agency has decided to start referring to Taiwan as "Chinese Taipei". Here's the link to one of its offocial news releases where this new rule applies:

This is a very different decision as that of Air Canada, which, albeit being Canada's flag carrier, is a (Canadian government majority-owned) private company.

Air Canada's decision is justified and the Taiwanese have no reason to protest because their own flag-carrier is China Airline. One cannot blame anyone for labeling the home base of China Airline as being "Taipei, China."

However, the decidion of the Canadian government to officially refer to a Pacific island group as "Chinese Taipei" is totally mean-spirited and non-sensical.

The term "Chinese Taipei" only applies to any events held under the broader umbrella of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). China, with active assistance of the KMT, has been pushing to make the label to broader application. Basically, the current position of China is that the name "Taiwan" is to be made a taboo in any international arena.

Canada is an active accomplice to China's aggression. Your posting solves the puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Very disturbing--I had no idea. I knew old families held a lot of the wealth but this is a whole other level of influence.