Wednesday, August 01, 2018

My University has native speaker post open

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Full Time English Faculty Wanted
English native speaker only. Chang Gung University is looking for a qualified English teacher with at least two years of college English teaching experience. The candidate must have at least an MA degree in related field. 

 Chang Gung University is a renowned private university in Taoyuan Area of northern Taiwan. The Language Center of CGU is hiring a full time English professor starting August 1, 2019.

1.      The candidate must be a native speaker of English.
2.      2 years of college English teaching experience is required.
3.      The candidate must live in Taoyuan, New Taipei City, or Taipei City area.
4.      The candidate should come to work four days a week, sometimes may include evening time.
5.      The job mainly consists of teaching required college English courses and some elective courses. The candidate also has responsibility of organizing English learning activities for college students.
6.      This teaching position is paid with a salary stipulated by the Ministry of Education for public universities according to candidate’s teaching qualifications, and Chang Gung University has a merit bonus pay system that will reward its faculty according to their performance.
7.      The deadline of this opening application will be March 29, 2019. Results will be announced before May 31.  

8.      All applicants must submit a cover letter, up-to-date curriculum vitae, and evidence of teaching experience (electronic) . Application should be sent to Dr. Frank Yang, Director of Language Center, Chang Gung University.
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