Monday, August 20, 2018

ACT #12: US is Salami Slicing?

An overgrown monument to a more romantic past...

My 12th for American Citizens for Taiwan on the possibility of the US adopting China's salami slicing tactics
Are quiet port visits by US navy ships in the offing? Quite possibly. Consider that the US navy does not have to send a warship — it possesses many different kinds of vessels that are utterly unwarlike, from research vessels to hospital ships to repair vessels to ordinary cargo vessels. A smart salami slicing style move would be to send one of those, then gasp in mock astonishment when China goes into paroxysms of rage: “it’s not even a warship.” Or the US could send the USS Blue Ridge, a command ship which visited Shanghai in 2016, which would enable Washington to piously claim it is engaged in displays of evenhandedness.
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Jenna Lynn Cody said...

If each side is going to start paring off slices little by little until one of them runs out, I guess the question then is who has the bigger salami.

Anonymous said...

Using "salami slicing" against China is the right step to take, but the US and Taiwan should consider ramping up cooperation. China has gone beyond salami slicing with its blatant militarization in the South China Sea and its threats and encirclement exercises against Taiwan, so there is no need for softly taking countermeasures.