Sunday, April 08, 2018

Bi-khim's new Hualien blog

On a rainy caturday in Hualien

Hsiao Bi-khim, the DPP legislator who has done so much for the party and the people in Hualien, has started up a new  blog on Hualien: Beautiful Hualien. A sample:
Following the morning coffee and dairy products with the press, we started traveling north through the Rift Valley. To the north of Ruisui Township lies one of my favorite villages, Fuxing Village 富興村. I like this village for its friendliness and cooperative spirit. Over recent years, the villagers have together managed to transform what used to be sugar plantations into pineapple fields with a high yield and income for its residents. Part of its success story is in local branding and combining the element of tourism into the production chain. Here at the village you can taste fresh pineapples (which take 22 months from planting to harvest), make your own pineapple cakes, the favorite Taiwanese delicacy, and also take a little train ride through the pineapple fields for a small fee. Just a week ago I also brought a delegation of foreign diplomats and representatives to this village, where I am always proud to show off the rural beauty of Taiwan with traditional warmth and hospitality.
Go thou and read!
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