Sunday, April 29, 2018

Another academic study confirms what we all knew about Chinese tourists

From the recently published How the influx of Chinese tourists affects national tourism behaviors: Evidence from Taiwan...
Taiwan implemented its tourism open policy for Chinese tourists in 2008, thereby inducing a skyrocketing‐growth of tourist arrivals from China in subsequent years. This paper examines the influence of Chinese tourist arrivals on national tourism in Taiwan. Based on individual‐level data in 2006–2013, empirical estimations find no crowding‐out effect on national tourism, whereas Taiwan's residents exhibit an increasing frequency of domestic trips. Crucially, residents lower their willingness to visit most of famous tourism sites that Chinese tourists prefer to visit, suggesting the increasing domestic tourists are crowded out from famous tourist attractions and, instead, visiting some local scenic sites.
This is what many of us have noted: Taiwan tourists didn't go to places crowded with Chinese tourists. Looking forward to Ian Rowen's book on this topic.

Tourism numbers for Jan-March 2018

March HKK 150,986
China 191,805
Feb HKK 109,395
China 289,758
Jan HKK 106,441
China 218,648

Total China 700,211
CH+HKK 1,067,033

Hey... when was the last time you heard about the horrible complaints from the domestic tourism industry about the loss of Chinese tourists... yeah me neither.
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