Saturday, April 14, 2018

Beijing manipulating the media in real-time

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A longtime observer sent this around the intertubes (posted with permission):
Also, this announcement seems very similar to an event announced in September 2015. At the time, analysts from Taiwan noted that the initial announcement used the term "off the coast of Fujian." That one was pulled and replaced the next day with the term "Taiwan Strait," which gives routine training a purposefully amplified political effect. That's certainly possible in this case as well. I haven't done a detailed analysis, but this Fujian Provincial Maritime Bureau announcement was amplified very quickly by trolling netizens. Then MND, CCTV, and PLA Navy picked it up and reported it. It's worth noting that the PLA Strategic Support Force (former General Political Department) Base 311 -- the so-called "Three Warfares" base -- is based in Fuzhou and quite focused on messing with Taiwan..

Most interesting is how this announcement, carefully using the term "Taiwan Strait" even if it's only 12nm of the Quanzhou coast, was projected through propaganda outlets and purposefully linked with exercises in the South China Sea. Linking the Taiwan Strait with the South China Sea in propaganda seems to be a trend.
The DPP US mission observed on Twitter(Taipei Times):
Legislator Lo Chih-cheng, Director of DPP's International Affairs Department, said China purposely amplified its announcement of routine live-fire drills scheduled for next week to terrorize the Taiwanese public and urged people not to overreact
Beijing's manipulation of the media is conscious and its stimulation and coordination of netizens is purposeful and knowing.

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