Friday, July 14, 2017

President Tsai on the passing of Liu Xiaobo

President Tsai Ing-wen:
Tonight, together with everyone that cares about human rights in China, we mourn the tragic passing of Liu Xiaobo. I want to pay my highest respect to this tireless advocate for human rights. I also wish to express my deepest condolences to his family, particularly Ms. Liu Xia who is currently still under house arrest.

In 2010, Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. At the ceremony, the attention of the whole world was drawn on the empty chair. Sadly, he will never have a chance to reclaim his seat.

In “No Enemies, No Hatred,” he once said “I firmly believe that China’s political progress will never stop, and I’m full of optimistic expectations of freedom coming to China in the future, because no force can block the human desire for freedom. China will eventually become a country of the rule of law in which human rights are supreme”.

This was Liu Xiaobo’s Chinese Dream. We hope that the Chinese authorities can show confidence in engaging in political reform so that the Chinese people can enjoy the God-given rights of freedom and democracy. This will be a turning point in cross-Strait relations. The Chinese Dream is not supposed to be about military might. It should be about taking ideas like those from Liu Xiaobo into consideration. Only through democracy, in which every Chinese person has freedom and respect, can China truly become a proud and important country.

If the Chinese dream is democracy, then Taiwan will provide any assistance necessary to achieve this objective. I believe that this is what he would have wanted.

Liu Xiaobo had no enemies, because democracy has no enemies. Again, I offer my respects towards his commitment to his ideas.
My friend Catie Lilly's tweets say it all:
Catie Lilly‏ @catielila
#Taiwan's freedom is worthy in itself but even more so if the PRC refuses change. To continue on this freedom needs international support

Many westerners are obsessed w/pipe? dream of CN democracy & yet are indifferent to #Taiwan's freedom, which exists in brave defiance of PRC

If #LiuXiaobo didn't 'cause tension' by fighting for Chinese freedom, then neither is @iingwen to blame for 'tensions' with a bully neighbor

Often ppl who admire CN dissidents will still deliberately or not buy PRC narrative of #Taiwan as separatist & trouble-making. This is wrong

No accident that #Taiwan's @iingwen offered shelter to #LiuXiaobo. TWese understand cost of speaking truth to Chinese power - and do it anyway

Hope all who rightfully praise #LiuXiaobo's bravery will also stand up for #Taiwan's freedom from #China. These are interconnected battles
This month the world watched China murder Liu Xiaobo in a demonstration to its people of what will happen to those who oppose the existing order, and as a signal to its people that the West will do nothing for them if they oppose the regime.

In Taiwan everyone is a dissident. Let us hope, in the end, we are not all Liu Xiaobo.
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Mar said...

Great, insightful views!
I wish to contribute so that the world may appreciate and support Taiwan's valuable democracy.

Mar said...

Great, insightful views!
I wish to contribute my best to Taiwan valuable democracy to be worldwide known, appreciated and supported.

Anonymous said...

That last sentence is a bit on the dramatic side. I wouldn't describe all Taiwanese as dissidents. Lots care less about this, lots of TW have attitudes sympatetic to China. It's a nice sentiment.

Anonymous said...

China locked away their Nobel Peace Prize winner and let him died in prison. They also plan to build up their military so China becomes the world dominating power:

I am amazed that some people in the west still think China is a benevolent power that is better than Donald Trump. It is a disgrace.

Trump needs to send Mattis for another tour of Asia that includes Taiwan to put China on notice.

Anonymous said...

"I am amazed that some people in the west still think China is a benevolent power that is better than Donald Trump. It is a disgrace."

They don't think China is better than Trump. They're just not delusional or bribed enough to think Trump is any better than China.

How many Liu Xiaobo's are dying or serving disproportionate sentences in US prisons? (Hint: More than China Hint: Trump reopened these prisons Hint: Trump's GOP advisors are invested in them and look the other way).

Anonymous said...

If Liu Xiaobo was on a tour bus filled with Chinese and didn't tell you who he is, most of your that comment on this site would sneer at him, look down on him and talk about him with contempt, assume he was brainwashed and want him gone out of the country because of his Chinese nationality. Some of you would even condone refusing him service in establishments.

The best way to honor Liu Xiaobo--rather than cynically make hay of his killing to score points for a political agenda-- is to take a look in the mirror and ask how to be more humane and open minded ourselves.