Friday, July 07, 2017

Man Discovers Only Boring Mailbox in Taiwan

This mailbox is so dull, there is just no way to take a good picture of it.

Johnson Chen, 42, of Taichung city was out for a stroll this weekend when he accidentally stumbled across the only boring mailbox in Taiwan.

"I read in the newspaper about our many interesting mailboxes," Chen told The View, "like the Wind Lion mailbox in Kinmen, this cat shaped mailbox, this Seediq flavored mailbox, this mailbox-shaped post office, a lantern shaped mailbox, a Saisiyat flavored mailbox in Miaoli, this golden mailbox, and this indigenous symbol-decorated mailbox in Pingtung."

"I didn't think there were any boring mailboxes left," he explained, "So you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this one right in my own neighborhood."

Chen said he was applying to the Taichung city government to get funding to turn the mailbox into a tourist site. "What could be more interesting than the only boring mailbox left in Taiwan?" However, he expressed worries about his own inexperience with the matter. "I'm not sure what to do if we get funding. Do I polish it? Will straightening it out make it more boring or less boring? What if the owner buys a new one?" He added that if the funding comes in, he will turn his house into a bed and breakfast and invite his in-laws to set up stalls for selling unique food items such as Chinese sausage, pig's blood cake, and roasted corn.

Fengjia University Urban Planning Professor Xiang You-jyu observed: "This is an opportunity for Taichung city to really think out of the box." Dr. Xiang said he was already hard at work designing a boring email inbox. "Obviously the next step is take everything digital," he said.
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Jenna Cody said...


"Johnson Chen"

Anonymous said...

The slots are the eyes and eyebrows. And the keyhole is the mouth. It looks like a grouchy face. Hao ke'ai! I must go take a selfie with it!

Zla'od said...

Wire services version: "Boring Mailbox Discovered Amidst Rising China Tensions"

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Social network version: "5 things you didn't know about Taiwan's boring mailbox"