Sunday, July 23, 2017

Film Festival Opportunity

Guanxi Media sent this around:

In December 2017, Taichung will host an international film festival(WOFFF). There will be hundreds of films from talented filmmakers from over 40 countries. Guan Xi Media will produce an introduction video that will be played at the beginning of each film. We’re looking for some quality video footage to include in our video. This video will be a collaboration of several different videographers and different types of footage. If you have anything to contribute, that shows how beautiful and fascinating Taiwan is, please send it to the below email. This is a fantastic opportunity and you will get full credit for your work. You will also be invited to the festival as special guests.

mike.guanxi AT

FB: 福爾摩沙電影櫥窗 windows of Formosa Film Festival - WOFFF
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"This is a fantastic opportunity and you will get full credit for your work." I suggest folks should inform themselves before sending in their footage. It sounds like you will not get paid and it is not clear what rights you give them.