Sunday, May 07, 2017

Taipei Times needs your submissions

A TT translator sent this around:
Due to a temporary staff shortage, the Taipei Times is short of translated material for the opinion page. That means that letters or longer submissions in English are particularly welcome. Come on, don't be shy. Send you wise thoughts, rants and witticisms to "letters at taipeitimes dot com" Best if it's about Taiwan, but it doesn't have to be!
Also, I have heard that if you have a real issue with Taipei Times coverage, or suggestions to make the paper better, a thoughtful and polite letter will get read by top execs.
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Anonymous said...

Dear Taipei Times top executives,

Why are you so shit?

The Internet.

Matt Stone said...

Speaking as a foreigner, who has only ever visited Taiwan once (in early 2016), I find TT's online content to be generally quite good. I have recently been researching a particular topic – Taiwan's 20th century architectural heritage – and have found plenty of well-considered, responsible coverage relating to conservation issues. And the content seems to date back at least a decade or so. Thankfully, there's also minimal reliance on the tiresome click-baiting headlines which plague the English-language press in many other countries. I suppose the question is: how long can it continue, in today's media landscape?