Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Richard Saunders' Taiwan 101: Essential Sights, Hikes, and Experiences on Ilha Formosa

Richard Saunders is a wonderful man whom I have never met, sadly. He also produces wonderful books, his excellent guide to the islands of Taiwan is $5.99 on Kindle.

A few months ago he sent me his Taiwan 101 guidebooks for experiencing Taiwan. I put them on my desk, and because no one can out-procrastinate me, there they sat, with me looking at them when I was home thinking "Hmmm, really gotta put them on my blog."

Well, here I am, putting them on my blog. But because I am not only a champion procrastinator but also terminally lazy, I direct the reader to Dana Yuli Ter's great review in the Taipei Times. These are fantastic books, full of history, deep and detailed knowledge of Taiwan and its natural and human joys, yet also packed with useful information. In addition to information about places to stay, eat, and how to get in and out, each entry offers GPS coordinates for necessary locations. For example, for the Caoling Trail that runs from Daxi to Fulong, he provides the GPS coordinates for the trailhead, the summit, the Caoling Historic Trail Junction, the Boldly Quell Rock, the end of the trail, a shortcut to the road, and Fulong train station at the end of the hike. The book is filled with images, including a set of lovely color plates (he is a marvelous photographer).

If you want to seriously explore Taiwan, these books are indispensable and a steal at $1200 for the pair, or $700 each. To get them, contact Richard (richard0428 AT yahoo.com (zerofourtwoeight in the email).
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