Saturday, May 13, 2017

Call for help

A friend passed this along...
Hello Michael,

We are helping out a friend and neighbor Algis, a Belgian engineer who has been in Taiwan for 30 years. He worked on the first Taipei MRT lines but later tragically came down with MS. Fighting the disease over the years as a foreigner in Taipei has driven his family to bankruptcy. Recently Algis was accepted into a stem cell therapy program in Beijing which promises to turn around his MS and now his friends are getting together to raise the money needed to get him into this program to change his life. Your support will change his life.

More info and Algis's story here:

Here is our fundraising site:

Apologies if you have already received this message. Suggestions of other networks, people or organizations that might be able to help Algis in Taiwan are welcome, and you are welcome to join our effort. Join us for the fundraising dinner at TGiF on 5/24.

Philip for Friends of Algis
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