Sunday, October 30, 2016

Another lovely day on the Taichung 46

The entrance to the Taichung 46 (Zhongpi Road) off the 8 southeast of Dongshih

Today I went up to the Taichung 46 with Iris and Dom for some excellent riding (map link). Pics below the fold...

The white spots are bags protecting the fruit from chemical sprays. Forgot the camera was set to 400 ISO, so things are a bit washed out...

The opening climb is easy. The government is obviously trying to promote this area as a tourist area full of leisure farms, but it seems an uphill struggle. Not many tourists in the area on a Saturday.

Harvesting betel nuts.

Iris grabs the first of many pictures.

Dom ponders an intersection. The farms are all nicely signed, but the road is empty.

The area is criss-crossed by streams. Be sure you go right round the loop. The left side is much steeper...

Helpfully mapped.

Dom learns that I make my red sauce for pasta with Asian basil.

The road is forested in some sections, and lined with fruit farms.

At this point, approximately the 2.7 km mark, some serious grades begin. Fortunately the 25% section is the worst on the whole road. After that it becomes more reasonable 8-15% grades.

Iris, a powerful rider, ranges far ahead of me on this brutal section.

Green hills and winding roads. Heaven.

For winter?

A car battery, likely to power a radio, is all that remains of a lean-to.

The road ascends to over 900 meters and offers ever more spectacular views out towards the ocean.

Dom considers how he can best obtain all this fruit.

Fruitful hillsides.

Dom discovers I make my red sauce for pasta without red wine.

Iris captures forest sounds.

Near the top.

Once you cross the ridge, you can see down the valleys to Dongshih.

The day was so clear you could see all the way across Hsinshe to Tatu Shan on the other side of Taichung city.

Dom descends. This descent is a blast -- switchbacks, steep, and plenty of great views. The road surface is awful in places, and it is covered with forest litter. Not recommended after rain.


A great descent.

The power of nature: this gourd vine climbed a telephone pole and grew out on the phone line.

We raced downhill to Dongshih and grabbed lunch at my favorite place in Dongshih, then desserted on mango ice. Hope to see you on the next one!
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Steve Fenton said...

Glad to see you didnt end up on the floor this time

Matt Stone said...

Looks like a nice ride indeed.

On another topic – the Gay Pride march in Taipei over the weekend – some mysterious copy editing at the Straits Times in Singapore, in its coverage.

Comparing this AFP report, which appeared over the weekend in the ST:

...with an almost identical version of the AFP report appearing in RTHK:

The Straits Times chose to remove the following phrases ""How long will 'tongzhi' have to wait?" – referring to the Chinese term for someone who is gay..." which was a slogan on one of the placards.

It's quite a short piece, so space doesn't seem to be an issue. I'm thinking this is an example of some subtle self-censorship. Not sure of the reason though.

The gay community has struggled in Singapore for years, so perhaps ST doesn't want to be seen to be putting ideas in people's heads?

And of course, marching and waving placards in Singapore is also a no-no...

Domenic said...

What stunning revelations on this ride! Imagine my surprise! Cheers for showing us around.