Sunday, October 23, 2016

Show me the swath of destruction: a further note on occupancy rates

Tourists breakfasting on Lanyu

Not going for humor in this one, sorry, because I am soul tired of not only this topic, but also of the rampant and burgeoning idiocy in the foreign media. In the post below in which the ghosts of Chinese tourist groups visit me, I compared Jan 2016 to Aug 2016. Probably a few of you thought that might be unfair, even though we had far more Chinese tourists in January than we did in August. But in case you did think it was unfair, here are the Aug 2015 and 2016 numbers for Operations of Tourist hotels, in scenic areas....

2015 2016
num of rooms occupied 48974               49,731
occupancy rate 59.73%              58.63%
avg room rate 6170                  6411
room revenue 302,156,513 318,845,129
F and B revenue 133,424,044 138,810,765
Total 482,330,566 503,566,089

Revenues and hotel prices are actually up (galloping up ahead of the inflation rate), occupancy rates have fallen slightly -- probably because there are more rooms -- and the number of rooms occupied has risen.

Oh yeah, the overall occupancy rate in Aug of 2015 was 69.07%.

China group tourists are political theater, not economic reality...
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