Thursday, September 15, 2016

How dumb is China?

Entering Fengyuan Station.

UDN, the rabidly pro-KMT paper, reports on the story of KMT mayors being invited to a forum in China.
KMT and "independent" Mayors of Hsinchu, Miaoli, Nantou, Hualien, Kinmen, and two other places, a total of eight people are heading off to China. These represent, according to the article, the "1992 Consensus areas". LOL.

No DPP mayors are invited.

Here's a double stupidity. First, China makes it impossible to separate the KMT from China, so it can't Taiwanize. Indeed, China might be sophisticated enough to realize that is a possibility, and so it continues to sink hooks into the KMT to make sure it can't put distance between the two. But I kinda doubt China is that sharp. So now every voter in Taiwan is reminded of who the KMT is sleeping with.

I've noted this before: once again, by being inflexible, China has given up an opportunity to subvert DPP mayors and to talk to DPP constituents, and to look diplomatic and reasonable.

And then there's the KMT. If you were a smart politician in a contested region, you might consider not going, to put some distance between you and the CCP. Eric Chu, as head of New Taipei City, is an invitee, and New Taipei City will be hotly contested in 2018 (now less than 1.5 years away). What will he do? I'd beg off, if I were him.

Meanwhile, in Japan, the new Democratic party head is a half-Taiwanese who is very aware of her links to Taiwan. This is good for Taiwan.
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TaiwanJunkie said...

It really boils down to the fundamental issue of national identity. The pan Blues simply see themselves as Chinese and part of China. Therefore, flying over to China to formulate strategies with China makes a lot of sense. There should be nothing surprising about this.

The fact that there's still a sizable group within Taiwan that self identifies with a foreign country is why Tsai needs to be careful and cautious during this transitional period.

Taiwan does not have the ability to rectify its name and proclaim its independence until its internal enemies are throughly minimized and powerless. That'll still take some time...