Friday, June 24, 2016

Two notes on Taiwan Laws.... from friends

Early morning city.

A friend of mine whose car was stolen a while back reports on the resolution of the case:
The case of our stolen car has been resolved. The gang had stolen 13 cars. The police traced the vehicles and busted the chop shop then went to investigate. Throughout the case it turned out the vehicles had all been transferred to the ownership of a woman whose identity information was stolen from a travel agency (the gang "found" the "lost" ID and NHI card).

In the end, the case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Why do other countries send their Taiwanese crooks to China, again?
A friend writes of her trouble trying to get a simple sperm donation:
I started seeing a fertility doctor about 2 months ago because I had concerns and I'm getting older and want to have a baby. Yes, I have a boyfriend, but the chances of us getting married are slim and I'm not all that interested in getting married. I've been getting several tests done to find out where my problem is with getting pregnant. My doctor, after my 2nd appointment, suspected that I will need the IVF procedure to help me get pregnant. So I started saving my money even more because I know it's not covered under insurance. Last night I went to see my doctor for the latest results and they weren't good at all. She said if I want to get pregnant, it's now or never. She asked if I planned to marry my boyfriend and I said no. I want donor sperm for the procedure. She then told me that the law in Taiwan says that unmarried women cannot receive donor sperm. I can adopt a child as a single woman, but I can't have one on my own. Because of this my last option is to go abroad to have the procedure done which is more costly and very inconvenient because I would have to be ready to fly out with little notice and the first treatment may not work. Sometimes it takes 2-3 treatments so I would have to fly back and forth.
Just plain silly.
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B.BarNavi said...

Taiwan has legions of dinosaur laws that hopefully will change with the new legislature. And if any of you think that transitional justice won't do anything about this, well...