Monday, June 13, 2016

1957 Vid: Formosa's Miracle Highway (Taroko Gorge and up)

Original video link. h/t to Chris N.
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Unknown said...

From the VOC to the GMD, Formosa carved its own chapter in the harrowing saga of how Chinese coolies were cheated and were transported overseas in order to work the tobacco and sugarcane fields of racist, lowbrow European colonials and to the United States in order to work on the railroads as indentured or bounded laborers.

Why the 1949 Chinese political refugees exiled on Japanese Taiwan were called pigs — The alternative origin of a slur.
賣豬仔 : sell piglets. The practice of selling indentured laborers. By extension, to trick, to deceive, to betray, to con.
Deceive piglets — 賣豬仔賣豬仔

契约华工被贩卖为猪仔 极少人能活到期满回国

Zhi-Ren Pan (潘智仁) dedicates a fb page to the subject of deceived piglets in an effort to debunk the image of Han supremacy the GMD propaganda imposed on Japanese Taiwan.

Wayne said...

Ha! "look no fingers" and only 5 million pop.???
Those old Pathe films were fascinating as a kid, but now come across as a little condescending eh.