Saturday, June 04, 2016

Taiwan protests extralegal deportations from Kenya

These striking birds, juvenile Malaysian Night Herons, I think, tolerate humans getting quite close to them.

More accused Taiwanese scammers are facing deportation. has the latest on Taiwan's protests of Kenya's deportations of Taiwanese scammers to China...
'We recall that in April, despite a Kenyan court order requesting the police to return the Taiwanese nationals back, and regardless of numerous attempts and pleas to stop the illegal deportation, two groups of Taiwanese were forcibly deported from Kenya to China on April 8," the ambassador said at a press briefing in Nairobi.

The event sparked a diplomatic row and criticism from human rights organisations.

"We regard this as an extra-legal deportation to China," Mr Chen said.

He said two critical legal issues were lost in the event: that a court order that requires the police to return the Taiwanse was ignored and that "under international human rights law, governments have an obligation not to deport individuals without first giving them an opportunity to contest their removal before a competent authority."

'We urge the Kenyan authorities, when dealing with the Taiwan nationals, to follow international practice and principles and not repeat the error of the past," the ambassador said.
"Governments have an obligation not to deport individuals without first giving them an opportunity to contest their removal before a competent authority"...

Remember the Coffin Murder case? (Taipei Times, Hong Kong Standard):
Criminal Investigation Bureau deputy head Huang Chia-lu (黃嘉祿) said the three men, including the main suspect, a 26-year-old surnamed Tsang (曾), are scheduled to be deported today.


Huang said police picked up the three suspects in Banqiao on Monday and detained them after revoking their entry permits.
Picked up Monday, deported on Tuesday. Because due process. Oh yeah, Taiwan and Hong Kong have no extradition treaty. Just like China and Kenya don't.

Remember the Korean workers who came to Taiwan to protest and were deported? Because due process.

Remember the Chinese bar girls picked up in Miaoli and deported?
Three Chinese women were arrested and deported from Taiwan after they were found to be working as bargirls at a popular scenic spot in Miaoli County on tourist visas, Taiwanese immigration officials said Wednesday.
That was because due process.

Remember the Sri Lankan national who was caught Saturday night and deported on Sunday? Because due process. That case revealed how Taiwan has become a transit point now for people sneaking into other countries.

Did you know Taiwan once deported a batch of 5,000 Filipino workers? I bet all 5,000 got court hearings, right?

24 Chinese deported before they even entered.

Remember that woman who had a baby on a plane to the US and was deported home without her baby. Yeah, MOFA didn't whip up a storm about that.

What do all these people have in common? They were all doing things their visas said they shouldn't be doing.

Just like those (alleged) scammers in Kenya. Once the government determines you have violated your visa, due process is the process by which the police escort you onto the first plane back to wherever you came from. The (alleged) scammers in Kenya were stupid. They entered Kenya from China, and so can be deported back there. That is in fact the default option in the immigration law.

PS: 8 of those deported in that batch of 45 were tried for having fake documents. That's what is called "due process". They were convicted, did a year, and were deported. Just like the two Hong Kong women in the apartment trashing case, who did a few months and were then deported. The other 37 were tried for telecom and business crimes, acquitted, and deported back to China because they entered the country illegally from China. Stupid of them...
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