Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On the China Policy Institute blog...


Two things you should read today. First the awesome Courtney Donovan Smith and myself are on the CPI blog to provoke you with 7 Predictions for Tsai's first term. Also read this excellent Commonwealth piece on the human cost of Taiwan's labor migration to China -- its deeply saddening (the translators they use are top-notch. Kudos to them).
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Anonymous said...

As a Taiwanese, I refuse to visit "China Policy Institute" site for info on Taiwan.

No Dutch will accept that their country be discussed on a "Germany Policy Institute" site. Neither Austrian, nor (German) Swiss.

No Canadian will accept their country be lumped into a "US Policy Institute" site.

Do Androids Dream said...

The Commonwealth piece was very interesting.

I was quite taken by the idea that families are willing to tolerate separation for the sake of 20-30 percent more pay! If the work conditions are otherwise similar and all the added benefits that were previously available are disappearing, the choices being made seem a little odd. They really must have doubts about their future career in Taiwan ..... or something.