Monday, December 07, 2015

Taiwan 2016 is up and running at China Pol Institute at U of Nottingham

Hmmm... who should I vote for?

It's out! Taiwan 2016 blog on the Taiwan elections at the China Policy Institute is up and running. Should be another round of rich, wonderful commentary. Dr. Jon Sullivan of the U of Nottingham, founder and overseer of the blog, writes:
The Taiwan 2016 blog, in association with the Taiwan Studies Program at the University of Nottingham, is a platform for scholarly analysis and commentary about Taiwan and the elections. The blog privileges no political position, but aims to provide a space in which various perspectives and insights can be put forward in a scholarly fashion for reasoned debate. The blog will feature many of the most renowned Taiwan experts from around the world, and will run from now until after the elections in January.
Put this on in your links. Should be great!
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