Sunday, October 05, 2014


Chili farm

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Anonymous said...

Re: foreign investment pulling out... it was interesting to watch the Taiex quickly bounce back once it dipped below 9000. Must have cost the KMT/ big $$ to make sure the economy looks good this close to election day. The comrades can't afford to lose their future puppet.

Anonymous said...

dupe link above, sorry. check this
Taiex chart.

Anonymous said...

I'll add a couple more links to share knowledge. If anyone else follows Kyle Bass, here is his latest interview on Japan: kyle-bass-thinks-japans-debt-crisis (3rd vid down). Also a longer interview from earlier this year. This is closely related to Taiwan's future. Taiwan business people think the world is in a recovery...hah. Wait until this turd drops. (Yen to 125, funds fleeing Japan (to Taiex?), Taiwan businesses & investment in Japan returning to Taiwan? More Japanese long stay visitors to Taiwan? Reduction of Japanese armed forces? China buying Senkaku Islands (who knows..) Then there is the Fukishima mess, no energy, etc. Taiwan needs to brace for this one.