Thursday, October 16, 2014

Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Special Issue on Taiwan

On the 193 in Hualien.

Continuity and Change in Policies in Taiwan
Table of contents: Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 3/2014

Ming-Yeh T. Rawnsley
The Impacts of Changing Ruling Parties in the Twenty-First Century

Research Articles

Dafydd Fell and Charles Chen
Lessons of Defeat and Success: Taiwan’s 2012 Elections in Comparative Perspective

Lee Chun-Yi
Learning a Lesson from Taiwan? A Comparison of Changes and Continuity of Labour Policies in Taiwan and China

Isabelle Cheng and Dafydd Fell
The Change of Ruling Parties and Taiwan’s Claim to
Multiculturalism before and after 2008

Ming-Yeh T. Rawnsley and Chien-san Feng
Anti–Media-Monopoly Policies and Further Democratisation in Taiwan>

Simona Grano
Change and Continuities: Taiwan’s Post-2008 Environmental Policies


Gary D. Rawnsley
Taiwan’s Soft Power and Public Diplomacy

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