Saturday, October 04, 2014

Comedy from the Media: "It could only happen at a Hong Kong protest"

Crowds in the Kaohsiung HSR station.

Taiwan, ignored as always by the international media. Lots of Taiwan watchers laughing at the international media this week....

BBC, clearly in some deep black hole of editorial and institutional amnesia, makes a list of all things you'd only see in a Hong Kong protest.
Doing your homework

Perhaps it isn't actually anarchic but it is definitely one of the biggest protests in Hong Kong for years. And yet students - some of whom were at the vanguard of this movement - find time to sit down and do their homework. Richard Frost for Bloomberg News tweeted this picture of children doing just that.
Of course, list includes everything the Sunflowers did in the March/April protests in Taiwan. Another piece says Hong Kong's protesters are doing what no other protesters have done, listing things our Sunflowers did. *sigh* Are these the world's most polite protesters? another piece asks. Hell no. Is there no Google in those offices? In Asia protesters are often like this: polite Korea, 1998 or Tiananmen. Of course you could go back to the People Power protests in 1986 in the Philippines, where millions flooded the streets against Marcos, in a peaceful, festive, and polite manner. Hong Kong is not some outlier -- it's part of a tradition.
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Anonymous said...

Well, the Brits have hated "Formosa" ever since the US allowed CKS and his mob to occupy the island. The Brits were ready to hand the island over to China. Still you'd think sour grapes lasting this long surely must have become sweet raisins. Guess not.

Anonymous said...

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les said...

Really? Where did you get that from? I don't recall seeing much of anything on a British position on Taiwan after the Japanese surrender.

Michael Turton said...

It's true though. As I recall, HMG wanted to hand over Taiwan to China. US wouldn't let them. To this day UK's position is same as US, thank all gods.