Sunday, June 08, 2014

Student Activist Roughed up at Chinese Culture University

Two men rough up a student activist calling for suspension of the Taoyuan Aerotropolis project and public hearings on the project. Note end of video when kid is flung against the wall and then dragged by his hair. Are these men university staff?
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Anonymous said...

What's the backstory? Was he protesting in the hallways? The vid picks up only at the point of detention.

Anonymous said...

There should be a full investigation about this incident. Punishment should be given out for abusively behavior. Here is a peaceful student exercising his freedom of speech and being abused by authorities. If in fact they are school employee they should be suspended and given demerits and forced apologize to the student in from of all the students in an auditorium.

Readin said...

I definitely need translation help. What was he yelling? What were the people who were pulling on him at first saying?

Based on behavior, it looked to me that he was acting a bit crazy and the two guys who were holding him were trying to help.

Then when he ran off the other two guys who threw him against the wall and grabbed his hair were going too far.

But again it is hard to tell without translation.

So what was really going on?

Mike Fagan said...

I don't need a translation. You don't lay your hands on someone unless in self-defence, and skinny little student wasn't physically threatening anyone. Shirt-and-tie porkie is lucky someone his own size wasn't there to bounce him off the walls.

Readin said...

Mike Fagan,

You just assume guilt based on video? I managed to translate the voices. The first two guys were saying, "Come on son, let's go home. You need help. You need to take the medicine the doctor prescribed. Hey! You with the camera, why are you filming this? Are you trying to humiliate my son???"

The boy kept repeating, "I have to tell Ms. Lin I didn't mean to hurt her. I have to tell Ms. Lin I didn't mean to hurt her. I have to tell Ms. Lin I didn't mean to hurt her."

The later two guys (the ones I said went to far) were saying, (older guy) "How day our rape my daughter, I ought to kill you!" The younger guy was saying, "My sister has been crying for a week you ***hole!"

Or maybe they weren't. Until someone who actually knows Chinese well enough to translate accurately can explain what happened, we don't know what happened.

I would hate to have you on the jury if I were on trial.