Sunday, December 01, 2013

Things for Today

Today was a spectacularly clear day. Winter in central Taiwan is cool and crisp. Here my man Steve checks out the vineyards of Jhuolan.

Much too busy to blog, so... first, Tobie Openshaw sends this around:
大家好:以下點選Youtube幫我寶貝凱倫微電影按個讚幫她集個人氣。感謝妳,你們:)Hi, here is the movie we made for the 48-Hour Film Competition Taipei. We won Best Costume and are hoping to have a crack at winning Most Popular. You can do us a huge favour by watching it on YouTube and up-voting it there... so much!
Second, you should be reading J Michael Cole's account of the appalling behavior of the largely Christian hate groups out in force against same-sex marriage in Taipei this weekend. Facebook was filled with images of these clowns, including one toad who was wearing a Nazi SS uniform while noting that the Nazis hated gays, so he does too. J Michael posted that another nutcase told him that the USSR fell because it legalized same-sex marriage.

If that weren't bad enough, J Michael also records that yet another Miaoli protester has come to harm. Taiwan Rural Front spokeswoman Frida Tsai was struck by a van. J Michael's piece is chilling.
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Readin said...

While I can believe there are a lot of groups calling themselves "Christian" who are hating gays, the guy dressed as a Nazi smells like a plant. It wouldn't be the first time a liberal pretending to be an extremist got the press's attention and they mistakenly claimed he was "on the right" when in fact he was trying to show how extremist he thought people on the right are.

Readin said...

I have to wonder about people who protest so loudly against homosexuals and claim their objections are biblical. From what I've read, the bible says far more about adultery and fornication, but I don't see the same vitriol when adultery is decriminalized, when the age of consent is lowered, when fornication is legalized, etc..

And as for the practical aspects, how many unwed teen-age pregnancies result each year from homosexual behavior? How many women face unwillingly face life as single-parents due to homosexuality?

While as a Christian I don't think we should be encouraging homosexual behavior, I think the priorities are misplaced when there is so much focus on that particular sin. And I think the anger that so often comes through further shows that most of the opposition isn't coming from Christian love but from somewhere else.

Michael Turton said...

The Nazi was authentic, he has a Facebook page where he proudly proclaims that.

Cole also pointed out that these people are silent when urgent events of a social nature occur. They didn't protest anything else that could be construed as Christian, like treatment of the poor.


Taiwanese Christian said...

The Christians and churches that escaped with KMT to Taiwan have been very silent about social and political injustice because most of them, as KMT party members or ROC government officials, benefit from such silence. When KMT, especially now Chairman Ma, is extremely unpopular, those 'mandarin-speaking' churches will use issues like same-sex marriage law to divert attention away from Taiwan's really urgent issues. At the same time, they could also harness a 'righteous' reputation.

Many KMT Chinese Christians and/or Confusionists are like the Pharisees, who pray in public for long hours and rob lands from widows.

Niks said...


Mike Fagan said...

There is no good reason why homosexuals cannot have the same rights as everyone else, including - particularly - the right to freedom of association and the right to self-defence.

However, people should also be free to discriminate as they see fit; those who discriminate against homosexuals can themselves be discriminated against by others.

Homosexuals have a dire need for limits to State power, so that the theocrats cannot impose laws to coerce homosexuals into living according to other people's pre-modern bullshit.

That's my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Readin spouts out of the other side of his hypocritical mouth, "While as a Christian I don't think we should be encouraging homosexual behavior..."