Saturday, December 28, 2013

FEPZs on the march into education

Are those egg cases on its back?

The Free Economic Pilot Zone initiative continues to advance, as Taiwan Today observes. Apparently one area to be liberalized is education, foreign institutions will be permitted to set up schools in the zones:
The eye-catching new plan firmly demonstrates the government’s determination to liberalize. For example, in recent years elite educational institutions from Australia, Europe and the U.S. have established branches in Asia, precipitating educational innovation; Singapore, South Korea and even Malaysia have become important bases for international education. Due to restrictions on campuses and classes in the law governing private schools, not one foreign institution has yet set up a branch or joint venture in Taiwan.* Yet changing the law on private schools is well nigh impossible.
This is a very interesting end-run around the rules. The system is designed so students are forced to attend public schools or the private schools that ape them. But if foreign institutions offered alternatives, many people would pull their kids out of the local system, especially people with money.

*Yes, there is at least one foreign university offering accredited courses here.
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