Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yangmingshan Riding

Went over Yangmingshan yesterday with my friend Michael Fahey. Went from Shihlin MRT up to Fengguizi at 600 meters, then down to Wanli via the 28-2, a lovely and enjoyable descent through farms along the ridge. Rode over to Chinshan, grabbed lunch, then back over the 2甲 (陽金公路) to the visitor's center and up the 101甲 to the 101 and down to Danshui. Another glorious descent.80 kms, more than 1500 meters of climbing. Really a wonderful ride. In the photo above taken at the new, upscaled Taipei Train Station, those are people actually lining up to buy....cheesecake.

Taking off from the Shihlin Metro with Ralph, Michael, and Michael

Grabbed this photo, then straightened out to change camera settings for another shot. As I stood next to this critter, a car came along not a foot from my toes and crushed it. You can imagine how peeved I was.

Some nice views at the top.

Nice views coming down the other side too.

Riding the coast from Wanli to Chinshan and lunch.

The 2甲.

Descending into Danshui.

Danshui under rain.

Came home to my new standing desk, here modeled by my son.....

... and my new Canon EOS 550D, modeled with my 1979 AE-1 that my father gave me before I went to Kenya in 1986.

On the road all week. Should be a picture dense week!
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Paul said...

Hey Michael - riding Yangming Shan is awesome - I have only ridden up it once myself - last year. It was hard - 3 hours to the top and 30 minutes to the bottom Goto say the downhill is worth the uphill climb. I got some nice speeds coming down. Glad you had fun. I hope to ride it again soon.