Monday, June 18, 2012

Daily Links, Mon, June 18, 2012

Lin's chastity and piety memorial arch in Dajia, Taichung.

Rounded up a few links today. Have at'em! Typhoon/Tropical Storm Talim is on the way, so batten down the hatches this week, we're gonna get soaked again!

SPECIAL: Don't miss this great piece in China Heritage Quarterly on the Confucius Institutes and Chinese language abroad. Good related piece in Globe and Mail (thanks anon!)

  • Scott Simon's excellent op-ed on Chinese investment in Canadian oil sands.
  • China promises Taiwanese investors nearly $100 billion in loans.
  • According to the Joint EU-UN Global storm center, Taiwan is a province of China and no people live in Hsinchu or Taichung. Perhaps a polite letter might be in order.... 
  • Yes, KMT paper says it was all the DPP's fault that no important bills got passed this legislative session.
    The KMT caucus hoped that the amendment bill related to US beef imports, the introduction of a capital gains tax on stock transactions, and the National Communications Commission (NCC) personnel appointments could be passed in the current legislative session. However, due to the DPP’s obstruction, these important amendments bill failed to be adopted in the Legislative Yuan

    There were a lot of important bread-and-butter bills piling up in the Legislative Yuan which needed to be handled, including amendment bills increasing punishments for drunk drivers, empowering Fair Trade Commission (FTC) members to seize and conduct searches on business operators which artificially force up commodity prices, exempting the underprivileged, including lower-and-mid income families, from national health insurance premium hikes, preventing sex offenders from being paroled without receiving proper psychotherapy, and so on.
    In the post below I observed how the DPP boycott played into KMT hands. But remember, the KMT controls the legislature; if nothing happens, it's their fault.
  • (Chinese) 2 30 cm long cracks in the reactor vessel of nuke plant 2. 
  • Randy Forbes on the challenges China is creating for the US
  • Why our food is making us fat
  • Series of shallow quakes rock Taiwan
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Readin said...

"But remember, the KMT controls the legislature; if nothing happens, it's their fault."

Sounds like US politics. The Democrat-controlled Senate never votes on a budget but somehow the press and White House blame Republicans.

apple said...

The typhoon with international name Talim might hit your country these days after it hit the Philippines, according to the news in Weather Philippines. It is better to stay home to keep safe and secure because this typhoon will bring heavy rainfall and mudslides.

Anonymous said...

Follow up on your Confucius Institutes link:

Hans said...

That EU weather site is so dreadfully wrong that it becomes hilarious. The only 2 cities with people in Taiwan are Taipei and Keelong. Taiwan is listed as a province of China in the first table and then followed by being a country.