Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Central Police Uni prof indicted for espionage for China (and other stuff)

In 2009 I scribed a post arguing that PRC police presence in Taiwan would surely result in intelligence sharing between the CCP and the KMT on Chinese dissidents and other freedom supporters in Taiwan. Apparently, formal networks are not necessary...
Wu Chang-yu (吳彰裕), 53, an associate professor with the school’s Department of Administrative Management, is accused of passing along information on the activities of Pakistanis in Taiwan, as well as information on Falun Gong practitioners and Tibetan independence activists.
According to the piece, he also helped them with information on a PRC prof who had political views Beijing didn't like. Sad. Now imagine what would happen if we had PRC police agents roaming around here.... O wait, I'm sure there will be a substantial leaven of them among the 'independent' tourists from the PRC.

Meanwhile, remember the beef issue? Yeah, President Ma had pushed for an extra legislative session on that but the DPP and KMT finally agreed on something: a postponement of the session. So, nothing will get done on beef (remember the Administration can issue an executive order if it wants), capital gains, or the land tax issue until the legislature reconvenes. [cynical laugh]

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Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that only a single generation ago this guy would have had received a bullet to the back of the head on the lawn of his campus.

Readin said...

"Two schools need foreign teachers. Please contact May (cell phone: email me)"

What are the education/experience expectations and what is the salary range?