Sunday, January 08, 2012

Just a note on Soong and Chen

A PFP candidate's poster in Fengyuan in Greater Taichung

I've been riding the bike on short jaunts lately, around the area, due to overload of work, rain, and cold. One thing I've noticed is that the Soong campaign does not appear to be stinting or going into draw down -- I've seen new posters and sound trucks all over the northern section of the Taichung area and southern Miaoli. While this is only a tiny sample of the island, it appears to me to indicate that Soong is going to stay in to the bitter end, and not drop out and ask people to vote for Ma. If he can get his vote total up to the 6-10% that some polls show, he might enable the Tsai campaign to win despite the ugly negative turn in the campaign.

Go Soong!

Chen Shui-bian came out for the funeral of his mother in law this week. Fortunately, he engendered no controversies. Good news, that.
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Unknown said...

Soong's outcome will definitely be telling of the make up of voters. Whether the rationality of the "wasted vote" will play out to make a point...will be televised.

Anonymous said...

Soong is concerned with clawing back some form of legacy after being used and dispatched by teh KMT TWICE.

Anonymous said...

Chen engendered no controversies? are you kidding? His funeral dirge in Hoklo Taiwanese was loaded with loaded code words for DPP voters and swing voters, and his speech will go down in US history, er, Taiwan history, as the speech that tipped the vote in favor of Tsai and she will squeak by with a 51 percent win due to the sympathy vote that Chen's speech engendered and of course the KMT will contest the election as not fair due to Chen's speech, but life will go on and Tsai will take office on may 20

and u say his speech engendered no controversies, sir? it was big news on all the talk shows for two nights running! Chen did it again, he rehearsed that speech for 2 years and he did it. he single handedly slew the KMT dragon.

wake up

Kevin the Tao of Yuan
been here 3 years i know!

Unknown said...

but who really listened to him?

Michael Fahey said...

Soong has an active office full of volunteers here on Hengyang Rd. in Taipei.I'm surprised at their energy.

Anonymous said...

@philippe mckay .re ''but who really listened to him?''

answerman: 23 million Taiwanese, that's who. he clinched the vote for Tsai with that amazing speech. if you did NOT hear it, do.

K in Tao of Yuan