Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CLSA + "Gallup Taiwan" = Nonsense

There is some apparent disinformation making the rounds. It consists of poll information that purports to come from CLSA consulting and contains poll data allegedly from "Gallup" in Taiwan. The mailing states that the operator of "Gallup" in Taiwan is pro-Green.

Once again, let me make this clear. There is no Gallup Marketing, Gallup polling, etc in Taiwan that is connected to USA Gallup. The company that styles itself Gallup in English is not connected to the US firm. Gallup USA severed connections with that company in 2002. Everything by Gallup in Taiwan from after 2003 is purely from a private concern that has nothing to do with Gallup USA. I have myself personally confirmed that the recent CLSA/Gallup poll information has nothing to do with Gallup USA by email with officials of Gallup USA (also some links in Chinese I found with others who have done that)

The operator of the poll, Dr Ting, is currently a Deputy Mayor of Taipei, whose Administration is KMT, and close friend and advisor of Deep Blue mayor Hau. To put it mildly, it is highly unlikely that he is pro-DPP.

This could well be a bit of disinformation designed to trap the unwary into posting a "pro-Green" poll on the public internet in violation of election rules, enabling the Blues to attack the Greens for illegal activity, attempting to influence the election, corruption,  the sun rising in the west, lions whelping in the streets, and Chen Shui-bian being Arioch, eater of souls. You know the drill.

Do not circulate this information. Do not repost it. Delete and forget. Now is the time for dirty tricks. Be vigilant!
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Michael Turton said...

Stole the lions whelping in teh streets from someone at Salon.com...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should link your article to the Tsai and DPP pages on Facebook to prevent further spreading.

Anonymous said...

Somebody get shot already and put us all out of our misery.

Lorenzo said...

I read an insightful article in the internet today. It points out that Ma will accelerate three currently-running trend if he is re-elected:

1. Human right becomes North Korea.
2. National finance becomes Greek.
3. Demography becomes Tibet.

KMT, especially the deep blue mainlander section, this time will do whatever it takes to stay in power.