Saturday, August 14, 2010

July Political Ads

Some political ads from July. As the election moves closer, the size and quality of the ads appears to be improving.

Thumbs up in Taichung.

This KMT ad at the Taoyuan train station I like very much. It has a number of attractive themes.

Pile of produce + candidate = success?

Another thumbs up, this time in Fengyuan.

KMT ads overlook Yungho.

Every corner has an ad.

A structural feature of ads is that the KMT gets theirs out earlier and in better sites, due to their big money advantage. Here a DPP ad is tucked into the side of a building.

A KMT ad stares out at Taipei.


Downtown Taichung.

The DPP's Su in Taichung has proved a strong candidate and is on many signs in Taichung.

Lots of women, as always.

A KMT ad fittingly on one of the new luxury apartments going up in Taichung, since the new construction is a KMT accomplishment.

Taichung ad.

Talking past each other.

DPP candidates in Taichung.

Jason Hu, the popular KMT mayor of Taichung, also appears on many signs.

The DPP's Su towers over a street corner somewhere in Taichung.

Green colors a building.

Cute dominates this KMT ad.

A candidate waves a fist in The Chung.

No, she's not reacting to the color scheme of this ad.

Darkening clouds over this candidate.
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Anonymous said...

The straight-laced KMT ads make me laugh and sick at the same time.

Alex said...

What's the story with the third ad down? Long Jiecheng? Simplified characters? Running as an independent???

Seems like there might be a story there ...